It's important that you receive mortgage advice from someone with access to the whole market, that you have a proactive conveyancer, and that someone trustworthy moves your precious possessions.

Estate agents will often try to insist that a prospective buyer speaks to their in house mortgage broker before being allowed to view a property. They dress it up as part of the process of qualifying a buyer, but really it's to try and sell them a mortgage and receive a commission payment. If the broker in question sources deals from a 'panel' (i.e. a subsection of the total lenders that are out there) of lenders, rather than the whole mortgage market then the product that gets recommended might not be the most suitable.

If you want to speak to a broker then I have a whole of market broker that I have known personally for over 16 years and who doesn't pay me a commission.

The maxim 'it's not what you know, it's who you know' applies just as strongly to achieving a low-stress home move as it does to many other aspects of life.

Mark Baldwin Director

I can also recommend a local conveyancer and removals firm, both of whom, are experienced, do excellent work and who do not pay me a commission for a referral. The difference that a good, proactive conveyancer can make to the speed and smoothness of your move is huge. I think it's worth paying a couple of hundred pounds more to avoid using one of the conveyancing 'sweatshops' where the staff are (relatively) underpaid and overworked.