A ban on landlords evicting their tenants has been extended until 31 May for people living in England. Under the ban, bailiff-enforced evictions will not be allowed except in the most serious circumstances, such as cases of fraud or domestic abuse. The requirement for landlords to give their tenants a six-month notice period before they can evict them has also been extended until the end of May.

The government said the extension would ensure tenants in both the private and social rental sectors could stay in their homes and have enough time to find alternative accommodation as the UK comes out of lockdown.

Hopefully mortgage companies will extend further leeway to landlords in light of this. We'll see.

Mark Baldwin Author

The eviction ban was first introduced last March as part of emergency legislation to help people whose finances had been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. The ban has been extended several times, and the current one was due to expire on 31 March.